Nick Pegg

Word and Imagery Artist from Canada.

River Boat Fantasy.


I was in Nashville for the night on the 12th of August and took a walk up the pedestrian bridge that connects downtown to basically the football stadium. While walking a notcied an actual river paddle boat rolling up river. So I ran. – Broke a sweat. And, took this picture. –


Chaotic Beauty


Took this shot from a bus heading to Broadway street downtown Nashville. I was just setting the manual settings when I spotted all the Hydro lines, so I pointed and aimed up a little as to capture just the rooftops if there were any. – I instantly fell in love with its Chaotic Beauty.

“oh, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

Waffle House.


Here is a pretty standard view from every Waffle House in the world.

I am from the land of Canada were Tim Hortons reign supreme over all else. – But to me an American Waffle House captures so much essence of everything that claims to be the American Dream.

Starting with it’s 24 hours a day operating time, Anytime you wish to consume something you can. – The thing about a Waffle house is that they are all completely different but exactly the same. – There will be mediocre food and yelling in almost every Waffle House in the world. –

Usually when you walk into a Waffle House it will employ a variety of human beings from all different races from across the world that now reside in America. The definition of the American Dream.

Rain Streets

I once wrote a song called “Rain Streets” – but it was about breaking up with a girl in the rain on the street. Duhh.


Spending the evening in downtown Nashville is something that everyone must do. – Not the biggest of cities, or craziest scariest of downtown’s. But none the less a needed experience. Nashville, in my eyes, has become a market place of a once booming culture. – Thousands of young and old flock to the city in search of fame and fortune only to wined up broke with empty dreams.

This is an accidental 8 second exposure shot I took near the Hard Rock Cafe. – I only meant for a 8th of a second but I had my shutter set for 8 seconds. Probably because I was playing with the settings when i stepped inside the Hard Rock to have a look. – after a few tweaks in LightRoom, we get this. – to me, It looks amazing.