Nick Pegg

Word and Imagery Artist from Canada.

Lawn Bowling.


While walking a very small dog in -30 degree weather I noticed a snow coverd Lawn Bowling field? What do you call them? I’m not really sure… Lanes?

Anyways, I tried taking a photo of the building in the background going for some sort of run-down symmetrical looking doorway window rooftop looking shot. But I quickly realized my kit lens just would not do the job. – So, out of my failures, I turn my 60D to sideways(portrait) and cranked the kit lens to 35mm (or 50mm in a non cropped censor) and snapped the above shot. – I had no hopes for it until I was looking at it in Light room.

I think it tells an interesting story or gives off an interesting emotions when you see the snow and the dates of when lawn bowling will be. It’s almost sad because you feel like Lawn Bowling has died.. – Or, will there be someone out there shouvling the snow so they can play this upcoming Monday at 7?

Lawn Bowlers are extreme at times.

Anyways(x2) – I plan on taking some kids form a Youth Group that I help out at to go play here in the summer.

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You can really tell i don’t know what I’m doing in Light Room because of the red tint in the snow.

Out For A Rip.



I know everyone makes fun of scooter kids at skate parks, but I couldn’t help but snap this shot of this guy zipping past me on the table top. – It was his first time on a scooter and potentially in a skatepark. But something had come over him, Like he realized anything was possible. – It felt as though, He had watched people in skate parks do tricks and ride up and down on ramps, but felt as though, It was a long shot for him to ever be able to do that. – Until, he jumped on the scooter and became invincible…. So it seemed.

You know that feeling you get when you feel like you have the power to change the world?

This guy.


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