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Word and Imagery Artist from Canada.





I was given an old film camera the other day, one of those, early try hard fancy film camera’s. In the bag I found a roll of unused film. (Or So I thought, but more on that later) – So, I quickly loaded it into my Yashica SLR, and started taking photo’s in hopes to get some cool colour shifting.

This is a photo of my new friend Thomas who I met at the local skate park and asked to take some shots of him skating. I got a few others, but this was by far the most interesting.

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Tiny Raindrops

tiny raindrops

Currently working on a project right now called “From The Drivers Seat”. It will be a collection of pictures all taken from the driver seat of a vehicle. (go figure).

Really loving the interesting photo’s. Everything from lightning, to deer, to grandmas and beards, to an attempt at street photography from my car seat.

Stopped at a stoplight downtown Hamilton after a quick trip to the farmers market with the gf. It was a rainy dreadful day. There is a high volume of foot traffic in this area and everyone was searching for a form of shelter. While stopped at the light I looked to my right out the passenger window and saw these two men talking to each other through the pillar between them.  I said to Sarah “I wish I was able to capture that from the street right there with my SLR”. Before I could finish the sentence I was reaching for my small toy camera (Suntone) that I had stashed in the console. With no intention of the photo turning out, I reached across the car to the passenger side window, aimed at where I thought would be the right place to point the camera. Just when Sarah laughed and said “Seriously?” with a ‘are you kidding me’ type of tone, yet smiling at the same time I clicked the shutter and button and now we have this photo.

I think its sweet the more I look at it. A classic street photog shot, with the rain drops in the foreground add a twist to the normal.

“I’ll be your tiny rain drop.” – Balance and Composure

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