Boston Cream Cake

by npegg

Check the Shots! Eat the Cake!

Inside my Kitchen : Sweets and Eats

I’m back nine months later with a cake that almost rivals Lemon Meringue Cheesecake Pie but lets not get into specifics.

My sister asked me last month if I could make her a cake version of Boston cream pie donut ( or doughnuts?? honestly I’m confused). This recipe is so fantastic – the custard is spot on of what you would get in a boston cream. The cake itself is very light and the custard make it incredibly moist, and naturally the ganache just brings it all together.


A few things about this cake with the custard it is so different than any other custard i’ve made because you for one thing use milk , and you use flour as a thickening agent, meaning you REALLY have to keep your eye on it. As for the Ganache I just threw it in the fridge which I wasn’t suppose to do…

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