Small and Fluffy Woodland Critters in Rondeau

by npegg

Joe in Canada

Woodland Critters


They say that you should surround yourself with people that encourage and support your passions; I’ve been blessed and surrounded by friends that do all that they can to support my passion for small furry little critters I haven’t seen, never letting me miss anything.

First off, sorry for being two days late with this blog. I was busy the last two nights and yeah sure, I probably could’ve written afterwards but I chose to sleep instead. I still haven’t broken my promise, the week isn’t over yet.

Last weekend I got to go out of town with three of the best people I know; Nick, his girlfriend Sarah and her best friend Aliza. We drove about three hours towards America, to a small place known as Rondeau to met Nicks father and help him move off of his recently sold farm. It hardly felt like work due to…

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