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Look Left.


Those Hamilton one ways.

Arista 400 35mm Black and White




Don’t worry i will get back to more photo adventures soon. Here is a artsy pic from a Highs Set last night. I’ve been lucky to be able to go on the road with them for a few days and take pics.



Highs From Toronto Ontario.



         Last fall I dropped my Yashica SLR down the side of a mountain. After hitting what seemed like every possible rock on the way down, the back opened, to expose the ever expensive kodak portra 400 film to the elements aka the sun. After recovering the camera I wound the film up and claimed it to be completely burnt, meaning there wouldn’t be any usable pictures on the roll.

Read the full story here.

Some months have past since then and I have been staring at the wound roll on my desk in remembrance of that day.

Eventually I couldn’t take it any more so out of curiosity, I went ahead an had the local photo shop develop the roll for me.

To my amazed excitement, there were a few usable photo’s that had been tucked/rolled tight enough into the spool still visible on the negative. – So, not wanting to pay quite a price to have the roll scanned post development, I decided to look up some tricks on how to use a flatbed scanner to scan negatives.

The method I chose was to use the light from a Smart phone or Tablet to light the back of the negative while on the flatbed.

It looks a little silly but to my amazement, It worked. (kinda) – I’ve never really been into “Lomo” culture but I definitely jumped in with this technique. What’s lomo?>click here.

The picture is of some birds on a wire.

I saw the mass amount of black birds migrating together on the wire and had to slowly stop my car, grab my camera, get close enough and take a picture. Only to drop my entire camera down a mountain a few days later.

There are a few other photo’s on the roll that I will post over the next few weeks. Feel free to follow along.

Again, thanks for reading.

Fade. (day 21)


Before I owned a real camera I owned a iPhone 4. – I never had a camera or took many pictures before having this phone. 2 megapixels this 1.9 megapixels that. But then I acquired the iPhone. i was able to easily take and upload pictures. – The first pics I took were of strangely.. Natural Gas Wells – I was working in a Oil & gas field and took pics of pipes sticking out of the ground. – That was the when I got the bug. Seeing an object that suddenly has personality. Seeing a bunch of pipes come to life because of the image.

So I started taking pictures of lots of things.. thousands of things.

My iPhone 4 recently died. It lasted almost 4 years. So, not to be a fanboy, I bought the iPhone 5s. The thing has a freaking finger print scanner on it are you kidding me!

Anyway’s , I’ve been trying to rescue the pictures off of my iPhone 4 and am compiling alot of the pics that I took, Edited and uploaded, only using the iPhone.

This is one of them. – Kind of a mystic Fog happening around the tree, but it’s actually just over exposed.

Thanks for reading.

Grin (day 20)


A baby came over and I took pictures of it.

I’ve never taken pictures of babies before, mainly because I don’t have one kicking around to take photo’s of. But this one came over so I took it’s picture.

They really aren’t very personal creatures, this one didn’t even attempt to learn my language. He just laid there and pooped his pants. Then looked at me to clean it up with the black mail of tears if I didn’t.

The room was dark with only a single lamp+shade to light the babies face. I was lucky because he was fascinated by the glass on the lens, so much so he stared right into it as if he knew he was supposed to. This meant I was able to have him follow the camera and I could steer his face into the light.

I wish you all the best little baby. In whatever your heart leads you to. Wherever your dreams decide to take you. I hope they are real and rich, full of joy and full of hope. Do not worry about people or who to impress, just be you and your journey will be blessed.

Dear baby, I’m happy you were born. The future holds your life in front of you, and it’s nothing but yours.

That’s a little heart felt poem I wrote for this baby just now.

It’s an interesting feeling looking through the lens of a camera with a 2 month old baby staring back at you. The innocence that one can see washes away all hatred for anyone or anything. It clears your mind of all struggles or hopelessness. It brings only contentment and hope.

thanks for reading.

Nathan (day 18)


After a music fest, in the rain I started taking pictures of my friend Nathan. – Sporting the metal concert greasy pulled back man bun, I told him to stand in the middle of the street so I could take is portrait.

I’m starting to really like taking peoples portraits. It was something I was really afraid of at first. Maybe because its like stealing something that belongs to someone. It’s like stealing the most personal thing to them. – That’s why, I think, that some street photographers have such a hard time taking pictures of people on the street. Because they feel like they are stealing something.. Their souls get in the way of them being able to exploit a mediocre photo of someone.. or they fear getting punched int he face by a hostile pedestrian who is rattled because you just stole something very valuable to them.

But I love when people give permission to get their photo taken.

I guess that caps the phrase “taking” a picture. we don’t say ‘Giving’ a picture. We only take what is in front of the camera.

think about it.

thanks for reading.

Yesterday. (Day 13)


I missed a post yesterday, so here are a bunch of photo’s from the Canadian National Exhibition / The CNE / the Ex


CN Tower





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Looking Up. (day 9)


The first thing that any visitor to New York city will do when they arrive is look up.

New York city is built in a grid patter. Except for what seems from a maps perspective, one street. So while walking around you will get random happenings where the normal 90 degree turn gets chopped in half. So, instead of changing the street back in the day. (which I know wasn’t possible) they decided to just build triangle building.

The most famous of these types of intersections is the one and only Time Square. Where broadway street slices its way through the city.

This photo is taken on the south downtown of the island near wall street.

Thanks for reading.

Float. (Day 8)


Hung out with some friends during a sesh.

Personally, I don’t smoke weed, but I will take any opportunity to photograph events that are frowned upon by society.

Maybe I was new to taking photo’s in this situation, or perhaps I was handling my light well, but I feel that non of my photo’s turned out very good. I was using the 40mm canon pancake 2.8.

I wanted to get some portraits of the guys featuring smoke.

After some serious manipulation in lightroom I decided to post this one.

I really want to practice more with light smoke and faces- check out another blog I did on this same guy with a cigarette underneath a light except on film. CLICK HERE

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