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Back one (day 4)


Tyler –

I go out skating with a group of skaters and they teach me things – I love bringing my camera and shooting high shutter flash. One of the skaters has a fish eye lens and he uses it for filming – I like to snag it and take photos

I tried to be extreme with the photo taking – by sticking the camera in close during the trick-

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Me. (Day 1)


I’ve never done anything like this before… actual I’m lying I vlogged my life for 10 days straight once and that was next to impossible. – I have a friend who is writing a blog everyday for the month of October all around one theme – She is an excellent writer and will be famous one day for it. Her name is Aliza and you can read her stuff here. — Anywho, I decided to steal her idea’s of fortune and fame by uploading some of the photo’s that I have kicking around every day this month. – I really truly hope to succeed.

Some will be long. Some will be short, a probably, some will be late. But regardless I hope to upload 30 or is it 31 photo’s over the next month… I guess 30 now because I’ve uploaded this one.. but I Haven’t uploaded it yet I’m still typing in the “new draft” box…

I don’t know

anyways here we go.

The above photo is me. I guess you could call it a selfie. Its on a 8mm fisheye on a canon 60D, a fairley expensive selfie.

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