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I found my self in the photography pit fro a recent local August Burns Red concert. It’s a funny story how I got int here to begin with. But once in there, I realized I was totally unprepared to take concert photo’s. I was shooting a Vlog that day for another project.

There were a few moments when the lights were right for my Kit lens on my canon 60D to handle the surroundings.

I wasn’t actually trying to take this picture, it was more of “hey I see my friend in the crowd lets take a picture of him” at the exact moment a very popular song started up by the band , the crowd roared and I snapped a picture with loads of emotion.  And my friend Matt smiling center frame.

There were only like 3 other pictures that turned out from the 100 that I took.

Such is life.

Thanks for reading.

Smear (Day 19)


I think this would make a cool desktop background. I’ll try it and let you know……. yeah it does make a cool desktop background. Are computers still a thing though? everything is a tablet now.

This is Downtown Kitchener Ontario during some light rain to smear the colours all over the place.