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Walking a Dog in NYC.


I feel like owning a dog in NYC would suck. It would have to live in your small over priced apartment. It would bark and make your neighbors mad. Dog hair. Dog smell. Dog poop. You would have to walk it down narrow busy streets full of tourists and pissed of cab drivers. Then when it decides to take a crap on the side walk, you have to grab the little bag a pick up its crap while 300 people eating pizza and wearing “I heart new york” t shirts watch and shame you as if dogs aren’t supposed to poop.

And then not to mention some long haired Canadian guy will decide to take a picture of your dog as your’e walking it down the side walk in hopes that it will do it’s business so you can go back to your apartment, throw on Netflix and stress about how you’re going to make your next rent payment.

Life yahknow?


I’m less afraid to point my camera at animals than I am to point it at people. This dog still didn’t seem to impressed.

This is on some small numeric street in west Manhattan last week.

Nikon AF600 F3.5

Homework and a Scared Dog.


I posted a few day ago, with a photo of the small dog named Barney wearing little boots. Well I can’t tel you how nervous and scared that dog is of the male species. – I think that’s common however with some Dog abuse cases. If, they are abused in anyway by a male human, they can’t trust any Male human ever. – I think Barney is the same way. – I’ve never done anything to harm or abuse him, and I frequently go out of my to attempt to make him feel safe, but he still remains like a 9 year old on the top of the CN tower about to walk out on to the Glass Floor for the first time, Scared for his life.

My girlfriend, Sarah came over for the afternoon, and instantly this Dog become the most loving and happy puppy ever, to her. But the moment I would look in his direction, speak or move, he would start shaking and run away.

This photo kind of captures that fear in the dog.

Ok, enough about the dog though. I LOVE this pic because of the lighting. The back of the couch is against a really big bright window, So I though that it would over power the exposure of a picture in this direction, However, there was enough light coming off the computer screen to fully illuminate Sarah and all her homework frustration.

I took the photo as a test shot, attempting to set up settings to to take a photo of something else… a cat actually.