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Brent Rambler

Brent Rambler of August Burns red at #KOIFest15 KOI Music Festival in Kitchener ON.

Me. (Day 1)


I’ve never done anything like this before… actual I’m lying I vlogged my life for 10 days straight once and that was next to impossible. – I have a friend who is writing a blog everyday for the month of October all around one theme – She is an excellent writer and will be famous one day for it. Her name is Aliza and you can read her stuff here. — Anywho, I decided to steal her idea’s of fortune and fame by uploading some of the photo’s that I have kicking around every day this month. – I really truly hope to succeed.

Some will be long. Some will be short, a probably, some will be late. But regardless I hope to upload 30 or is it 31 photo’s over the next month… I guess 30 now because I’ve uploaded this one.. but I Haven’t uploaded it yet I’m still typing in the “new draft” box…

I don’t know

anyways here we go.

The above photo is me. I guess you could call it a selfie. Its on a 8mm fisheye on a canon 60D, a fairley expensive selfie.

thanks for reading.

May Your Worries Never Faulter Long.


I’m currently on a the last leg of a week long road trip to southern Alabama and back with my mom. My little sister goes to the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!) also on scholarship for NCAA gymnastics and so we jumped in the car to go see her compete at the SEC Championships in Birmingham. In which they won. Roll Tide.

Anyways, It’s kind of a ritual that we stop in Nashville and hit up a bar downtown on either a way there or on the way back. I love taking my camera downtown there. This is selfie of my mom and I. We’ve been in close quarters together for a week, and randomly been living in a log cabin in central Alabama, but are on our way back to Canada and made the stop on the way back.

Never forget where you came from, it will help direct you as to where you are and can go. If you came from nothing, then nothing can stop you. If you’ve come from everything, than everything will try and stop you. May your worries never last longer than your ambitions. May your dreams burn at your chest. May you be happy in your own skin.

thanks for reading.

Growing My Hair for Cancer Patients.



Le Me.

I figured, I should take some pics of me with Long Hair before I cut it all off and wish that I had pics of me with Long Hair.

So, 2am, I decide to take some dark room, single light shots. –

With a certain image in mind, I flipped the legs out on my tripod and grabbed one solo white light, in a dark room, in hopes to luck into a super cool looking shot in the corner of my room. Well, this isn’t really what I was looking for. My light was to bright, and the my kit lens just isn’t the best. So, I pointed the light at my forehead and set my timer to two seconds, so that the click of the shutter button on my camera would blurr as it took the photo. – Took a few shots where I was satisfied with my facial expression, and slammed them into Light Room. Messed witht eh exposure, contrast, grain, sharpeness and light curves. – Found a pic that as of now, I think looks cool. (But I know that later I will think it looks lame) – Exported, then post to here. 


I Hope to donate 12 inches of hair to Locks Of Love. They make wigs for those who can’t grow hair because of radiation treatments. This will be my second hair harvest. Hoping to donate in the next few months.

again, Thanks for reading.