Nick Pegg

Word and Imagery Artist from Canada.

Tag: Sky Terminal



I was photographing a Christian Worship band and I wanted to try and make the shots look more intense and interesting.

open shutter and flash on end curtain. Creates the smear. Give it an interesting angle. and there yah go.



I have this amazing job where I get to MC these massive youth conferences up in Northern Canada.

I decided to grab my camera while the band was playing a take a few shots. 60D and 18-55 3.6 Kit Lens. I started shooting 1/45 3.6 no flash and tried to let the stage lights do the work. But I figured, the shots would be so grainy. – On there final song, I flipped my flash out and started shooting with a 2nd curtain flash. – The smoke in the room gives the shots a very neat grey contrast.