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Fade. (day 21)


Before I owned a real camera I owned a iPhone 4. – I never had a camera or took many pictures before having this phone. 2 megapixels this 1.9 megapixels that. But then I acquired the iPhone. i was able to easily take and upload pictures. – The first pics I took were of strangely.. Natural Gas Wells – I was working in a Oil & gas field and took pics of pipes sticking out of the ground. – That was the when I got the bug. Seeing an object that suddenly has personality. Seeing a bunch of pipes come to life because of the image.

So I started taking pictures of lots of things.. thousands of things.

My iPhone 4 recently died. It lasted almost 4 years. So, not to be a fanboy, I bought the iPhone 5s. The thing has a freaking finger print scanner on it are you kidding me!

Anyway’s , I’ve been trying to rescue the pictures off of my iPhone 4 and am compiling alot of the pics that I took, Edited and uploaded, only using the iPhone.

This is one of them. – Kind of a mystic Fog happening around the tree, but it’s actually just over exposed.

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20140727-214130-78090835.jpg had a sale on prints so I decided after being unmotivated to do anything for a while, to go get some of my photos printed. – I have been shooting film for a while now, but to save some money I only get the film developed then scan them on to a cd. And prior to shooting film I either shot iPhone of dslr- so seeing my photos in physical form is something very new to me.

It bring a very big sense of accomplishment on something I love doing. It brings a form of completion. It brings joy.

Thanks for the encouragement I have received from this blog.
And as usual…

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