Passers By.


Broadway street, Nashville, Tennessee USA. Where dreams come to die.

If you have ever walked the main street of Nashville you will notice a handful of things. 1. Live Music. 2. Street Performers and Panhandlers 3. Elvis 4. Girls in (P)leather cowboy boots trying to learn how to walk in them but also act like they are the hottest country girls this town has ever seen meanwhile being from Seattle.

The above photo is a group of tourists fresh off a hotel shuttle bus cruising past one of the most talented musicians they have ever come within 10 feet of, but viewed as a homeless panhandler trying to survive. –

You see, Nashville is sort of like the old time Gold rushes that used to happen. There is word of Fame and fortune if you posses a little talent so musicians and singers move to Nashville to try and make it. Most, however, end up on the street because they can’t catch that ‘break’ , or open for Luke Bryan or Rascall Flatts. – The people on the street of this city are the highest class homeless people you will ever see. – Each of them to poor to buy a meal but too rich in talent to leave town and go back home. –


This photo was a big attempt at me to stop, pause, point, focus, and shoot this shot. Not worrying about what people think or this guy thinks of my camera. – I know it is legal for me to take pictures of people on the street because it is a public space.

I look at this guy and see everything I need to see about Nashville. I glanced at what he was writing for a second after I took the shot and noticed it was a song structure, as I expected it to be.

I could be wrong, But When I look at this guy I see someone who moved to Nashville to chance the dream, knows he has talent and probably had some form of success back where he came from. – But now can’t catch that break and is forced to play somehting on the street for a few dollars. But I feel this guy takes every opportunity to be creative and continue perusing the dream. He folded up his begging stuff and start writing quite quickly in his book. Has to try and get all of a song idea out before the idea was lost forever. – I respect that.


Well that’s one way to do it. – Again, I challenged myself to stop, point, focus and shoot the shot, trying to worry about what this guy thought. As you can tell he looked right into my eye through the lens as I took the shot. An overwhelming feeling came over me, as I’ve explained in previous posts, that I was raping this guy of his innocence by pointing the camera at him.

I ended up giving this guy 2 bucks and told him he had a cool sign. we both kinda laughed about it, and then I noticed his box.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, He is playing the box in front of him as a drum, and hitting it with one drum stick and one regular stick. – I found odd was that he wasn’t very good. Which I think is rare for a “busker” on the streets of Nashville.

Sign “I bet you a donated dollare that you are reading this sign LOL”

Box “I bet you a dollar you can hear me. – So poor can’t afford drum set”


This guy could play. – Like really play.


Sign says “Very tired, hungry + homeless God Bless :)”

Your call on how to interpret this photo.


So I will talk about these guys. – Notice the sign on the right guys lap. It says “Spaceship crash”

I took this shot with the idea of focus points. I set the focus on the guy closest to me and exhaled and snapped the shot. By this point, the guy in the back noticed and started making a scene about it. – saying “you can’t take my picture” – in which I just walked pass ignoring him. But he was fairly persistent and started yelling pretty loud at me.

Not sure if I should have walked by without acknowledging him, but that’s what I did. –


The last photo I will share is that of the Nashville police busting up all the street performers and panhandlers. A group of six cops apeared out of nowhere and told everyone to leave, including some hotdog street venders. – All the guys in the pics above were sent packing as well as this street magician here.

I really wanted to take my time shooting a cool photo of the cops busting up some guys but I was to nervousto take a photo of a cop, unclear on that being legal or not. However, i did take a few hip shots, Half clicking the button waiting for the beep from my 60D to focus and snapping a couple. – This is the RAW shot of the best one, ahha , no edit.


Thanks for reading, it actually means a lot to me.

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