A Lesson In Focus.


I was going for a slight, cryptic/spooky kind of photo here. With the contrast of Children’s Gas Masks and Regular sized. Walking through Kensington market a week or so ago I spotted this display and thought it could make the imagination kind of wander about while dreaming up situations for the need of a gas masks on a child. An odd sight being from North American and never growing up in a era of local war.

Anyways, So I walk up and set my Light metering on my SLR. get my shutter speed and aperture all set for a nice exposed image and then move my mind to focusing. I set my focus on the “Children’s Gas Mask” sign in an attempt to make that the center of focus for the composition. Now, Somewhere between this moment and the pressing of the shutter button, I must have moved back about a half inch. Just enough that the focus pulled back and blurred out half the sign.

I was shooting the lens wide open a f2.0. This means I have a very slim focus area, making it harder to get the focus correct. – A little bit of info that a lot of fast street photogs use is shooting f8.0 or higher. This actually gives you a wider focus depth making it easier to find focus and gives that extra space for movement from the camera. Making more of your shots come out right and not ruined by a missed focus.


** The SLR is Manual focus just in case you were wondering.


Thanks for reading.


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