Nathan (day 18)


After a music fest, in the rain I started taking pictures of my friend Nathan. – Sporting the metal concert greasy pulled back man bun, I told him to stand in the middle of the street so I could take is portrait.

I’m starting to really like taking peoples portraits. It was something I was really afraid of at first. Maybe because its like stealing something that belongs to someone. It’s like stealing the most personal thing to them. – That’s why, I think, that some street photographers have such a hard time taking pictures of people on the street. Because they feel like they are stealing something.. Their souls get in the way of them being able to exploit a mediocre photo of someone.. or they fear getting punched int he face by a hostile pedestrian who is rattled because you just stole something very valuable to them.

But I love when people give permission to get their photo taken.

I guess that caps the phrase “taking” a picture. we don’t say ‘Giving’ a picture. We only take what is in front of the camera.

think about it.

thanks for reading.

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