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Clay (Day 27)


The Road. (Day 26)


If you read my last blog you will know that my film camera has been put on the shelf until I can figure out how to repair it. I still have several other film camera’s, but for a bit I think I’m going to use my DSLR. The 60D and friends.

This is the road I grew up on. There are millions of roads like this road in the world. But this one is mostly home to me. It’s been the most consistent home to me.

I moved around a lot with my mom. Different cities and towns. But this road, this is the road that has always been the same road. The same tree’s. The same neighbors and their barns. The same fields and crops. Smells and sunsets.

This road is where fathers family grew up. It’s the road that lives most the stories I’ve heard of my ancestors. It’s a place I can walk where my family has also walked. The land that we have owned for many many years.

This is where I should add the ‘But’ statement. As much as I could tell you about the land and it being in line to be sold, and issues out of our control. I won’t. The Land will always be there. It just may be creating a new story or holding new lives.

Sometimes, we have to movie on to the next chapter of life if we want to continue our story.

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You Are Loved (day 24)


Today’s photography adventure took me to my backyard. I was hanging some products on a fence to try and display the front and back of the garment. When I hung the tank top on coat hanger it looked stupid. So, I threw it down in this pile of leaves instead.

The image has received more likes on the Instagram than any photo before it and has been the spark for sales for the tank top. – I threw it into some leaves and took a picture of it.

Canon 60d 40mm 2.8 I think the shutter speed was something like 1/500 – it was bright out.

This is available at or

You are so loved beyond measure it’s not even comprehendible.

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Grin (day 20)


A baby came over and I took pictures of it.

I’ve never taken pictures of babies before, mainly because I don’t have one kicking around to take photo’s of. But this one came over so I took it’s picture.

They really aren’t very personal creatures, this one didn’t even attempt to learn my language. He just laid there and pooped his pants. Then looked at me to clean it up with the black mail of tears if I didn’t.

The room was dark with only a single lamp+shade to light the babies face. I was lucky because he was fascinated by the glass on the lens, so much so he stared right into it as if he knew he was supposed to. This meant I was able to have him follow the camera and I could steer his face into the light.

I wish you all the best little baby. In whatever your heart leads you to. Wherever your dreams decide to take you. I hope they are real and rich, full of joy and full of hope. Do not worry about people or who to impress, just be you and your journey will be blessed.

Dear baby, I’m happy you were born. The future holds your life in front of you, and it’s nothing but yours.

That’s a little heart felt poem I wrote for this baby just now.

It’s an interesting feeling looking through the lens of a camera with a 2 month old baby staring back at you. The innocence that one can see washes away all hatred for anyone or anything. It clears your mind of all struggles or hopelessness. It brings only contentment and hope.

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Smear (Day 19)


I think this would make a cool desktop background. I’ll try it and let you know……. yeah it does make a cool desktop background. Are computers still a thing though? everything is a tablet now.

This is Downtown Kitchener Ontario during some light rain to smear the colours all over the place.


Nathan (day 18)


After a music fest, in the rain I started taking pictures of my friend Nathan. – Sporting the metal concert greasy pulled back man bun, I told him to stand in the middle of the street so I could take is portrait.

I’m starting to really like taking peoples portraits. It was something I was really afraid of at first. Maybe because its like stealing something that belongs to someone. It’s like stealing the most personal thing to them. – That’s why, I think, that some street photographers have such a hard time taking pictures of people on the street. Because they feel like they are stealing something.. Their souls get in the way of them being able to exploit a mediocre photo of someone.. or they fear getting punched int he face by a hostile pedestrian who is rattled because you just stole something very valuable to them.

But I love when people give permission to get their photo taken.

I guess that caps the phrase “taking” a picture. we don’t say ‘Giving’ a picture. We only take what is in front of the camera.

think about it.

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Rain (Day 17)


I’ve posted this photo before but I love it so much.

Canon canonet QL19 + Walmart Parking lot + Thunderstorm.



Cellphone. (Day 16)


Anti portraits?? Headless photos?

I dono.

Interesting perspective of viewing people. What would you assume differently about a person if you never saw their face?

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Hippy. (day 15)


Out of focus Hippy Jump. Canon 60D 40mm 2.8.

Cambridge Ontario.


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Trailers (day 14)


Found these abandoned Semi Truck trailers in the woods. near Chatham Ontario.

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