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Brent Rambler

Brent Rambler of August Burns red at #KOIFest15 KOI Music Festival in Kitchener ON.

I Guess He Fell Eh?


To soon?

I don’t know much about the Eiffel tower other than the fact it was built for a worlds fair pre World War II, and they told the people they would be tearing it down right after. Not sure if they were lying about that or they realized it was a cool thing after they built it. I heard it was built in the Italian sector of Paris.
Also, that Hitler chose not to destroy any of Paris during WW2, the tower as well obviously.

I also, know nothing about this Mr Eiffel fellow they named it after, nor, did I wikipedia it or read the plaque located about a meter out of frame of this photo.

I am posting this picture because I am ashamed to say that I don’t know who he is.

I noticed that once every 5 minutes someone would stop to look at it. This monument/Statue is located directly under the belly of the tower near the most populated of the four legs of the structure. Yet, no one was there. A thousand people at any given moment,  handful to see the man himself. –

Think about it.


Continuing on the tour of Paris. I had to have a blog post about the Eiffel Tower.


So, this is the crew I was with in France. (Me on the far right) – Here is the Cliche pic in front of the Tower. – Great shot though taken by our tour manager, pretty much sums up the people on the team. – To me at least.


So, the first thing we did once we reached the under belly of the Eiffel Tower, was check to see if it had Wifi. The Funny part was that it did. – Well not really actually, it had its own network that teamed up with various add companies and the Official Eiffel Tower app for Iphone to better aid your intricate tour of such a marvelous structure. – Basically, a money grab to make you pay for something that will tell you to look left and right. – We chose to just shadow tour groups and get the tour for free.



So here it is, Nothing special About this shot, It’s over exposed, Cropped terribly, focus is just good enough to be acceptable, and just a crap photo.

This is a picture of the 669th step of the Eiffel Tower and I absolutely Love this photo for how it looks. – To me, a picture can be beautiful even if it looks like rubbish. –

We ended up taking the stairs because, we could not justify in our college/musician budget heads to pay the 20 Euro’s for the lift, when the stairs only cost 3.50 Euro’s. – The main reason I love this picture so much is because I took it in great anguish and despair from my friggin legs feeling like there were on fire and being remarkably out of breath for just climbing some surprisingly shallow steps. – There was a line of people going both up and down these stairs, so I took this shot really quickly on the way by. Immediately after this I went a fell to the ground over exaggerating my fatness and trying to be funny about it.

But at the end of it, I can say I took that “I took the stairs of the Eiffel Tower” – I recommend it actually.


I love this photo, Because everyone looks like Ants. – Taken from Level 1 of the tower only accessible by the stairs.



The most common pose on the main level of the tower is this of the horizontal smart phone attempting to capture as much light as possible to gather the outlines of each building in the distance. Truly a remarkable task for such small devices without just capturing a complete overexposed sky.




I never intended to show a picture of the skyline in this blog post. Reasons being 1. I thought it would make for an interesting perspective if I only posted pictures of other things from the tower rather than the view 2. I’m terrible at editing anything other than a sunset of a glassy bay. So, I am self-conscious of posting a world famous view all hacked and over edited. But I felt I should at least post a taste of what the view is like.

I don’t remember what side of the tower this is from. But this pretty much sums it up. – I like this black and white because the red from the roofs (rooves?) really makes a great contrast. – and it doesn’t have any sky in it. Sort of birds eye.

You can spot Notre Dame if you know what you are looking for. 🙂


Eric, Graham, Chris

Just a few dudes on the Eiffel Tower.

Eric, the guy with the awesome Mustache was really affected by the allergies on this trip.. look, you can tell.

Chris on the right is actually Vlogging this picture. He vlogged our entire tour in France. Over 20 days. Check them out here –


We walked around for a bit, but the view get continuous and boring quite quickly if you let it.

We also saw some undercover security guards tackle a pick pocket. They hit him so hard it knocked his shoes off. We just happened to be facing the right direction at the right time. Sorry no pic.


We walked down after about 30 mins. The final stretch of stairs on the way down are spiral, I stopped traffic to grab this shot. – I thought it was worth it.


Eric and Graham made it.


Chris, Eric , Solveig

A perfect end photo.

No comment.

Thanks for reading.



This picture intrigues me.

Again, If you have read my other posts, this shot was taken as an attempt to step out of my photography comfort zone and start pointing the camera at people rather than objects.

I spotted this guy underneath the Eiffel tower by a garbage can. I assumed right away that he was a local of the area here in Paris. The picture shows him reaching in his pocket. The context is, this man was feeding the few pigeons that you see scattered around him.

A lot of people would label this man as something of strange. Example, the old lady that feeds the birds in Central Park, New York or the guy that talks to himself under the CN tower in Toronto. Well, this guy was simply feeding some pigeons underneath the Eiffel tower. Nothing wrong with that. – Some people, including myself would have a form of label on this man, and even go as far as label him an outcast. – All he is doing is feeding some seeds to some birds.

The part of the picture that intrigues me the most, is the one thousand people behind him, waiting in line to climb up a giant metal sculpture. And we label him the strange one.

But maybe my perspective is wrong because his shoes are very shinny. And that means something.

You be the Judge.