This picture intrigues me.

Again, If you have read my other posts, this shot was taken as an attempt to step out of my photography comfort zone and start pointing the camera at people rather than objects.

I spotted this guy underneath the Eiffel tower by a garbage can. I assumed right away that he was a local of the area here in Paris. The picture shows him reaching in his pocket. The context is, this man was feeding the few pigeons that you see scattered around him.

A lot of people would label this man as something of strange. Example, the old lady that feeds the birds in Central Park, New York or the guy that talks to himself under the CN tower in Toronto. Well, this guy was simply feeding some pigeons underneath the Eiffel tower. Nothing wrong with that. – Some people, including myself would have a form of label on this man, and even go as far as label him an outcast. – All he is doing is feeding some seeds to some birds.

The part of the picture that intrigues me the most, is the one thousand people behind him, waiting in line to climb up a giant metal sculpture. And we label him the strange one.

But maybe my perspective is wrong because his shoes are very shinny. And that means something.

You be the Judge.

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