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Brent Rambler

Brent Rambler of August Burns red at #KOIFest15 KOI Music Festival in Kitchener ON.

Float. (Day 8)


Hung out with some friends during a sesh.

Personally, I don’t smoke weed, but I will take any opportunity to photograph events that are frowned upon by society.

Maybe I was new to taking photo’s in this situation, or perhaps I was handling my light well, but I feel that non of my photo’s turned out very good. I was using the 40mm canon pancake 2.8.

I wanted to get some portraits of the guys featuring smoke.

After some serious manipulation in lightroom I decided to post this one.

I really want to practice more with light smoke and faces- check out another blog I did on this same guy with a cigarette underneath a light except on film. CLICK HERE

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Josh Josh


Photo on a Canon QL19.



Bought a Canon QL19 Rangefinder at a second hand shop the other day. After work I was out on the patio of the restaurant I work at with some other coworkers. There was a particularly bright over head light on a very calm night. So I tried my hand at some smoke portraits.

The battery in the range finder was dead so I was estimating shutter speed and things, because the internal Light meter needs the bat.

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If the earth stood still just for a moment.



I like to think, that what if, the entire earth were to stop moving just for a moment. – How it would appreciate itself. How it could imagine, it could dream, it could wonder. It would pause in aw of itself, in amazement of its glory.


This is a photo I took of a co-worker taking a smoke break. – I don’t smoke, but I do like to hang out with those who do. Just in general like having conversations with people who are mellowed out by nicotine.