Bikes in Paris.

While in Paris, France on May 29, 2013. – I came down with a slight obsession with trying to capture some moving bokeh motorcycle shots. – I first tried shooting these at 18mm but found the shot to just be to big, so it wasn’t until I cranked my 18- 55mm lens to around 45-50mm that shots started to turn out. – Here are a few shots that Turned out alright, with some help of Lightroom.



This was the first one that I snapped, while waiting to cross the street. Behind it is the famous “Lock Love bridge” – I was pretty excited when I looked at this photo. 1. because the rider and bike are in focus, and 2. because the composure of the rider and the size of the bike is just fantastic. – Along with capturing the parallel’ness of the cross walk lines.



This one was just a few blocks down from the first shot I took. – I gained a few strands of patience to get this shot.|| I noticed a the street was fairly busy, while thinking about this a few guys on European Harley Davidsons flew by me while passing and weaving through traffic. – I decided to stand for a few minutes and wait for the photo opportunity to come buy again. – I saw another couple guys on large motorcycles coming and as they wizzed by I missed the shot, due to some out of focusness of moving the camera. – By this point I had committed to obtaining the shot, so I waited another minute, all while keeping an eye on where the rest of my group was heading. – Finally this fello’ on a moped zipped by, and I snapped this shot. –

Some times a little patience can turn out cool.

That’s the world famous Louvre museum in the back ground.



This is an actual Harley Davidson in Paris France. – The catch is that, there is a law in France that says your motorcycle cannot go over 100HP. So, these Harleys didn’t have much kick to them when they rode by. – For this shot, I was standing on the south side of the Arc de Triomphe, right on the corner before the cars enter into the massive round about surrounding the Arc.



Here is another a few meters from the last shot. This time two bikes cruised by. I love this shot because the one bike is out of focus but the left one isn’t. Also, the is a nice solar lens flare happening that really sharpens up this photo as a black and white for some reason.


A common theme I was noticing, as I was taking my fare share of shots and trying to watch my back for pick pockets. Was that when I pointed the lens at people riding motorcycles by, it some how instantly drew their attention to me as to send their glare through my lens. Which they did most times. As I was making eye contact through with them through my Canon 60D and 18-55 kit lens, for some reason i felt like I was invading peoples personal worlds or bubbles. A few times the glares shocked me enough to not take the picture. But eventually I found it quite tasteful to grab the shot of someone glaring at me while I capture them speeding by. It’s like locking a moment in time that would happen so fast our brains would really process or be seen by others but you and the other person of glare. – Here is an example.

3 thoughts on “Bikes in Paris.

  1. you summed up pretty well Parisians’ natural way of feeling systematically offended by people and things they don’t know in that last shot.

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