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Is it broken?


After jumping off the stage at the end of his set… Marcel, Lead vocals and guitar of band called Die Hexe , announced to the audience that he thought he broke his ankle.

For the rest of the show, he was be asked probably around 100 times.. if it was broken..

no word yet from the doctor whether or not it is actually broken.. but pretty punk rock regardless of the outcome.

Canon 60D Kit lens blah blah blah


Brent Rambler

Brent Rambler of August Burns red at #KOIFest15 KOI Music Festival in Kitchener ON.

Brockville ON /// TerraFirma

Currently on a small week long tour with a band call TerraFirma. I’m speaking at there shows with HashtagHope. Snapping some shots of there set and some general tour life pics.

This is show in Brockville ON

Water vs Gravity. (day 2)


I live in the Waterfall capital of the world. So the other day I was admiring one of them along with 45 other tourists. I had my SLR with me, shooting some very cheap 200 sped film. – I think I’m terrible at taking pictures of nature, but on this day I was really keen to take some. – Standing at this waterfall I saw this kid playing at the bottom. With the kid in the picture it makes the waterfall look twice as big or it makes the kid look twice as small. – Regardless I waited for the kid to be in some form of position. I like this cause he is looking down, and I feel like the water fall is looking down on him… Idono.. make your own metaphor.

I got this developed at Wal-Mart, Something I recommend you never do. – I think their chemicals at this particular store were way past expired. Idono, but I usually get processing done at another place where the guy actually cares about his images. Anyways, maybe it was just my cheap film or a collection of both.


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An Hour On A Street Corner. (and I post 5 pictures)

On May 29th, 2013, I spent an hour on the corner of ‘Place Charles De Gaulle’ et ‘Champs Elysee’ waiting for some of our group to get Ice cream. Which takes an hour in Paris near tourist areas.


I guess I should mention that this corner is the famous tourist spot to take pictures of the ‘Arc de Triomphe’. The fact that we had to spend a whole hour in one of the most cliche tourist spots in Paris, really drove my inner hipster quite mental. – Because of this, I decided to sit on the curb of Champs Elysee street and only take pictures from that vantage point. (I don’t really know why I thought this was a good idea, but I did it.

Anyway, here are some of the pics I liked.

Then I walked to the cliche photo taking spot

Arc De Triomphe

I could say lots about these pics. – But…..


Continuing on the tour of Paris. I had to have a blog post about the Eiffel Tower.


So, this is the crew I was with in France. (Me on the far right) – Here is the Cliche pic in front of the Tower. – Great shot though taken by our tour manager, pretty much sums up the people on the team. – To me at least.


So, the first thing we did once we reached the under belly of the Eiffel Tower, was check to see if it had Wifi. The Funny part was that it did. – Well not really actually, it had its own network that teamed up with various add companies and the Official Eiffel Tower app for Iphone to better aid your intricate tour of such a marvelous structure. – Basically, a money grab to make you pay for something that will tell you to look left and right. – We chose to just shadow tour groups and get the tour for free.



So here it is, Nothing special About this shot, It’s over exposed, Cropped terribly, focus is just good enough to be acceptable, and just a crap photo.

This is a picture of the 669th step of the Eiffel Tower and I absolutely Love this photo for how it looks. – To me, a picture can be beautiful even if it looks like rubbish. –

We ended up taking the stairs because, we could not justify in our college/musician budget heads to pay the 20 Euro’s for the lift, when the stairs only cost 3.50 Euro’s. – The main reason I love this picture so much is because I took it in great anguish and despair from my friggin legs feeling like there were on fire and being remarkably out of breath for just climbing some surprisingly shallow steps. – There was a line of people going both up and down these stairs, so I took this shot really quickly on the way by. Immediately after this I went a fell to the ground over exaggerating my fatness and trying to be funny about it.

But at the end of it, I can say I took that “I took the stairs of the Eiffel Tower” – I recommend it actually.


I love this photo, Because everyone looks like Ants. – Taken from Level 1 of the tower only accessible by the stairs.



The most common pose on the main level of the tower is this of the horizontal smart phone attempting to capture as much light as possible to gather the outlines of each building in the distance. Truly a remarkable task for such small devices without just capturing a complete overexposed sky.




I never intended to show a picture of the skyline in this blog post. Reasons being 1. I thought it would make for an interesting perspective if I only posted pictures of other things from the tower rather than the view 2. I’m terrible at editing anything other than a sunset of a glassy bay. So, I am self-conscious of posting a world famous view all hacked and over edited. But I felt I should at least post a taste of what the view is like.

I don’t remember what side of the tower this is from. But this pretty much sums it up. – I like this black and white because the red from the roofs (rooves?) really makes a great contrast. – and it doesn’t have any sky in it. Sort of birds eye.

You can spot Notre Dame if you know what you are looking for. 🙂


Eric, Graham, Chris

Just a few dudes on the Eiffel Tower.

Eric, the guy with the awesome Mustache was really affected by the allergies on this trip.. look, you can tell.

Chris on the right is actually Vlogging this picture. He vlogged our entire tour in France. Over 20 days. Check them out here –


We walked around for a bit, but the view get continuous and boring quite quickly if you let it.

We also saw some undercover security guards tackle a pick pocket. They hit him so hard it knocked his shoes off. We just happened to be facing the right direction at the right time. Sorry no pic.


We walked down after about 30 mins. The final stretch of stairs on the way down are spiral, I stopped traffic to grab this shot. – I thought it was worth it.


Eric and Graham made it.


Chris, Eric , Solveig

A perfect end photo.

No comment.

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Bikes in Paris.

While in Paris, France on May 29, 2013. – I came down with a slight obsession with trying to capture some moving bokeh motorcycle shots. – I first tried shooting these at 18mm but found the shot to just be to big, so it wasn’t until I cranked my 18- 55mm lens to around 45-50mm that shots started to turn out. – Here are a few shots that Turned out alright, with some help of Lightroom.



This was the first one that I snapped, while waiting to cross the street. Behind it is the famous “Lock Love bridge” – I was pretty excited when I looked at this photo. 1. because the rider and bike are in focus, and 2. because the composure of the rider and the size of the bike is just fantastic. – Along with capturing the parallel’ness of the cross walk lines.



This one was just a few blocks down from the first shot I took. – I gained a few strands of patience to get this shot.|| I noticed a the street was fairly busy, while thinking about this a few guys on European Harley Davidsons flew by me while passing and weaving through traffic. – I decided to stand for a few minutes and wait for the photo opportunity to come buy again. – I saw another couple guys on large motorcycles coming and as they wizzed by I missed the shot, due to some out of focusness of moving the camera. – By this point I had committed to obtaining the shot, so I waited another minute, all while keeping an eye on where the rest of my group was heading. – Finally this fello’ on a moped zipped by, and I snapped this shot. –

Some times a little patience can turn out cool.

That’s the world famous Louvre museum in the back ground.



This is an actual Harley Davidson in Paris France. – The catch is that, there is a law in France that says your motorcycle cannot go over 100HP. So, these Harleys didn’t have much kick to them when they rode by. – For this shot, I was standing on the south side of the Arc de Triomphe, right on the corner before the cars enter into the massive round about surrounding the Arc.



Here is another a few meters from the last shot. This time two bikes cruised by. I love this shot because the one bike is out of focus but the left one isn’t. Also, the is a nice solar lens flare happening that really sharpens up this photo as a black and white for some reason.


A common theme I was noticing, as I was taking my fare share of shots and trying to watch my back for pick pockets. Was that when I pointed the lens at people riding motorcycles by, it some how instantly drew their attention to me as to send their glare through my lens. Which they did most times. As I was making eye contact through with them through my Canon 60D and 18-55 kit lens, for some reason i felt like I was invading peoples personal worlds or bubbles. A few times the glares shocked me enough to not take the picture. But eventually I found it quite tasteful to grab the shot of someone glaring at me while I capture them speeding by. It’s like locking a moment in time that would happen so fast our brains would really process or be seen by others but you and the other person of glare. – Here is an example.