The French Subway.

The Subway in France is quiet and built by Canadians. – That’s all I have to say.


Not sure what station this is from, you could probably zoom in if you are familiar with the french subway system and figure out where it is. –

This shot may seem like it is taken of a lady walking away from the train as it is leaving. – But I actually took this shot to try and capture the older lady in the background. I noticed when we pulled into the stop that she was sitting on the bench. I assumed that she would get up once the doors open on the train and get in. But she did not. She remained sitting in that position. –

A helpless wonder came over me and I couldn’t come to a conclusion of what her story might be.

I don’t ride the subway a lot. Where I’m from we only have buses. So the idea of someone just sitting in a station and not eager to jump on the train is a totally new perspective. – In fact, the next time I’m free in a city with a Metro, I am planning on spending a few hours sitting in a station to observe and interesting culture that I would say is rarely observed with intent.



This is Graham. He is a friend of mine. – I like this photo because over the course of the trip I tried to get a shot of Graham acting natural but he always spotted me pointing the lens at him. – I quite possibly have over 50 shots of Graham making a funny face. Anyway, this was one of my favorite shots that I snapped of him. – Also, I think the Black and White really turned out nice. –

The best part of this photo is that it is actually out of focus. – My attempt was to focus the lens on Grahams face, in which I did, but if you have ever ridden on A subway before you will know that it is not the smoothest of rides. So, Initially I focused on his face, but just as I did my body swayed backwards a bit just slightly pulling the face out of focus enough that (to me at least) it makes this picture hard to look at because your eyes are searching for the focal point. –

The thing I don’t like about this shot is the ladies head to the left side. – It almost makes the entire photo rubbish. – However, It dawned on me that, having the the head in the picture gives another accurate depiction of a subway car, and shows just how crammed we are in the moving metal veins of the city.

5 thoughts on “The French Subway.

  1. I’m always amazed by the amount of nonsense US citizens believe about anything French . What made you think that Paris metro had been built by Canadians ? Unless it’s a North American private joke I didn’t catch ?

    1. Ah yes. Well, as for the physical labors and blunt of the project was obviously built by the citizen workers of France. However, there was an over arching company called “Bombardier” that had sold the plans and total project.Bombardier was and still is a very large Canadian owned company. – It’s the same system of track and rubber wheels as the one in Montreal, Quebec and soon in Vancouver British Columbia. Although, the one in Toronto was built by the crap American company that built the loud squeaky metro in New York.

  2. Sorry for thinking you were a US guy . From what you wrote one could have thought that the Métro itself, not the trains going on it, had been built by Camadians . But to be accurate, you must know that only after the year 2000, new types of vehicles ( and only vehicles ) have been ordered to a Consortium formed by Bombardier from Canada, Alsthom and Areva from France and Ansaldo from Italy . So saying abruptly it’s built by Canadians is a bit too much .

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