Shimmer and Glisten.

I was heading out on a local adventure with a couple friends a few months ago and ran into a group of people lighting off sparklers for their friends nineteenth birthday. – So I asked if I could take some pictures of them.


I had probably owned my Canon 60D for about a month at this point and relatively felt like I was an expert. – Much like a lot of people who own DSLR cameras feel like. 🙂

I cracked my shutter speed wide open and started playing around with it and learning quickly the do’s and don’ts of iso/aperture management when changing shutter speeds.


I’m sure that in post I could brighten these up a lot and really make the colours shine and wow the viewer of these photo’s, but I lke to admire the fact that we are able to draw with light onto a sensor inside a mechanical box. And then these images come out.



A smile can change everything, it can explode into so many words and feelings but still remaining a smile. I love this shot because it feels like I captured an explosion from a smile.



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