Chasing Dreams.


I posted this photo earlier int he week, I want to take an opportunity to explain my thinking behind it. –

For the most part, this photo just happened for me without really trying, but I did have some intention behind it.

1. It just finished raining, and i knew that a open shutter might catch a lot of different colour reflections. And I was going for the classic car light trails.

2. Downtown Nashville shot

3. for,middle, back ground.

The 3rd is what I am interested in. – earlier that day I had read a blog about the three section photographs. Right off the bat I thought it was going to be all about the rule of thirds in photography, but actually it talked about the fore, middle and back ground areas and getting the, to work together. – While driving down to Nashville I was brainstorming what 3 things go together well without much effort. – i was thinking of things in a kitchen or things in a care. thoughts of steering wheel, windshield and road.

So the idea of side walk, street and car came into mind. – Anyways, while walking downtown Nashville, I put the camera onto the side walk and sec a 8 second shutter time. and boom.

it took me 3 days to realize that it contains the fore, middle and back ground idea.

I love it.

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