“I Didn’t Write This Song and Neither Did Darius Rucker”


I bet the guys who plays the bar scene in Nashville hate that they have to take all of their talent and songwriting abilities and use it to play other peoples songs. Songs that aren’t even that good. They just get played on the radio so people know them. We will take whats in front of us and think its amazing = Pop Music.


This is at a bar called Benchmark. I was walking Broadway looking for an empty bar with one guy and a guitar and found this guy through the window. – Unreal Low voice could listen to him all day. – He played some Original songs that he wrote, which would never have happened at a big time popular joint in town, but since the place was empty he played a few of his songs. – When he switched back to playing cover songs he was going to play the song “wagon wheel” and said “I didn’t write this song, and neither did Darius Rucker” – How that statement is so unbelievably true. – Pop radio is now jsut a bunch of writers that record companies tell performers to sing the words that are written. – There are no famous Bob Dylans or Johnny Cash’s anymore because they aren’t writing their own heart felt music. They are writing Walmart marketed music that speaks of a generic good time or generic hard time.

If you want to really get into good music now a days you ahev to really dig and search for un-purchased artist now. It can usually be found in the Folk genre. Folk can be any genre at heart, so you can find what style you are looking for.

that probably made no sense.


Thanks for reading.


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