by npegg

went to Chicago and ate some food.

Inside my Kitchen : Sweets and Eats

So this weekend I was able to go on a trip to Chicago. I live in Ontario Canada, so it’s about a 6/7 hour drive.. not including traffic that makes even Toronto rush hour look good.. Anyways me my boyfriend, his sister and his dad all traveled there is two weekends ago. Nick’s good family friend was getting married, so I was lucky enough to tag along.




I was happy to just spend time with nick but I was also very excited to see Chicago and taste all the foods that are so essential to the city. To be honest whenever I go anywhere food is the thing I’m most excited about.. clearly I’ve got my priorities straight. I’ve never been to Chicago before so it was a really exciting for me.

Smoque Barbeque

As soon as we got into town on Friday we went to a place I found…

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