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Is it broken?


After jumping off the stage at the end of his set… Marcel, Lead vocals and guitar of band called Die Hexe , announced to the audience that he thought he broke his ankle.

For the rest of the show, he was be asked probably around 100 times.. if it was broken..

no word yet from the doctor whether or not it is actually broken.. but pretty punk rock regardless of the outcome.

Canon 60D Kit lens blah blah blah


Brent Rambler

Brent Rambler of August Burns red at #KOIFest15 KOI Music Festival in Kitchener ON.

A Lake.


Yashica FX-D Arista Black&White

After dropping this camera down a mountain, I’ve started wrestling with light leaks. Some may say that Light leaks are creative and artsy, but not when you are trying to take a non-lightleaked photo..Duhh.

This was one of the few on the roll that was not affected. Haven’t really figured out why yet.

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Love Cat.


An Afternoon, playing the new Assassins Creed. I look to my right and see the cat waking up from it’s ever so famous…cat nap. I notice, My 60D sitting ever so graciously on the coffee table in front of me, arms reach away. I see the cat. I see the camera facing the cat. I reach for the power switch on the camera. I notice, the power is already on from an hour ago when I was flipping through some photo’s I took earlier that day. I gently press the shutter button to wake the camera from its famous.. sleep mode, catnap. I look at the cat, once more, as to not startle it in hopes it will continue to stare blindly in the same direction… – I slowly, and fearfully half press the shutter button now that the camera is fully on. I say fearfully because oh the beep it will make when it Auto-Focus’s on the couch front… This is where it all goes wrong. – The beep… Never came… meaning only one thing, Or two if you are a defeatist. It, means/meant that the camera lens was set to (duhn duhn duhhhnnnn) Manual Focus…..

I gasped! :O

Out of complete Hope and Luck.. I took a photo.

I knew that probably, The cat would be out of focus, but I decided that my chances were just as high of the cat being in focus now, than if I were to move it in any way without looking in the view finder.

The photo I took… is the above photo…

The focus is on the front part of the couch cushion.


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This is Barney.

I’m house sitting for my friends while they escape the Canadian dream to pursue the warm sunshine hug of a beach in Florida. Which really makes me wonder about the ideas of vacations. We live our lives somewhere but need an escape from them known as a ‘Vacation’.

Are the lives we create for ourselves really that depressing that we need to escape from them to somehow regain our, possible happiness or purpose… or something. – Anyways.. I’m house sitting for them while they do that.. I guess.

for real though… They have a cat and a small dog and a small apartment in southern Ontario Canada. also, it’s been one of the coldest winters in 50 years, also, I’m really lazy and love to sit around on the couch and tweet about things I think that I think about while watching indie Films on Netflix. – So, the thought of taking care of an animal is dreadful. – Well, ok, it’s not that bad.

Anyways, in order to walk a small dog in a snow covered world, involves preparing the small dog like a 5 year who wants to go play out in the snow…. mittens.

Here is a shot i snapped with my 60D while attempting to put these stupid little mittens on this funny looking nervous, almost hairless little animal. – I got lucky, but sometimes in the right light, my 18 – 55mm 3.6 kit lens can take a really sharp shot.. This is almost one of those times.