Love Cat.


An Afternoon, playing the new Assassins Creed. I look to my right and see the cat waking up from it’s ever so famous…cat nap. I notice, My 60D sitting ever so graciously on the coffee table in front of me, arms reach away. I see the cat. I see the camera facing the cat. I reach for the power switch on the camera. I notice, the power is already on from an hour ago when I was flipping through some photo’s I took earlier that day. I gently press the shutter button to wake the camera from its famous.. sleep mode, catnap. I look at the cat, once more, as to not startle it in hopes it will continue to stare blindly in the same direction… – I slowly, and fearfully half press the shutter button now that the camera is fully on. I say fearfully because oh the beep it will make when it Auto-Focus’s on the couch front… This is where it all goes wrong. – The beep… Never came… meaning only one thing, Or two if you are a defeatist. It, means/meant that the camera lens was set to (duhn duhn duhhhnnnn) Manual Focus…..

I gasped! :O

Out of complete Hope and Luck.. I took a photo.

I knew that probably, The cat would be out of focus, but I decided that my chances were just as high of the cat being in focus now, than if I were to move it in any way without looking in the view finder.

The photo I took… is the above photo…

The focus is on the front part of the couch cushion.


Thanks for reading.


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