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Inside my Kitchen : Sweets and Eats

Bouchons… what are they you ask? ( okay you’re not asking- but I’m telling you anyways). They are pretty much a brownie-cake hybrid, that are super moist and chocolately ( if that’s even a word)

They are delicious (obviously)


Side note: hooray for nice pictures courtesy of my mom’s new camera!

The name actually comes from the Bouchon bakery.  I own the cookbook, and one day dream of visiting one of the locations in New York. 


I’ve been wanting to make these for a really long time – except I did not have the right tin to bake them in.

I told my Aunt Joanie about the bouchons, and she tried to find the right molds for the recipe. She searched everywhere for one in Hamilton, when she was visiting ( she lives in  British Columbia). Unfortunately we couldn’t find one. Then months later when my mom went out west…

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