Keeping The Smile


Sometimes when we least expect it, the smallest yet most significant things in life will fly by without us ever acknowledging or realizing their, or the moments, existence. How often do we only desire the future, do we only desire anything but the here and now. I do this all the time, my only wish is for the things that I am anticipating or something weeks away that could happen.

This photo was taken on a 35mm toy camera with a slight bubbled fisheye 35mm lens on the cheapest 400iso film I could find. – I bought it for .99cents and was hoping it would produce some interesting light leaks but turns out to work flawlessly – it even has a hot shoe for a external flash.

I was walking around the old city on the river (Gault) with my girlfriend Sarah. She was joking around saying she wanted ice cream and started pulling my arm, so I decided to joke and pull her the other way, I was holding the camera in my other hand, turned it and without looking through the view finder, snapped this photo. It was one of the first photos I had taken on it and I wasn’t even sure if the shutter was opening all the way.

I love this photo. To me , it’s one of the best photo I’ve ever taken, if not my most favourite. Not because it’s in perfect focus or because it’s perfectly framed because it’s non of those things. It’s actually a terrible quality photo.

The best thing is the smile. The best thing is the emotion. The best thing is the happiness.

The best thing is that I captured a moment that would have been forgotten, that I actually forgot ever happened until I got the film developed. I had to search my memory and ask Sarah where and why this photo happened. It just brings about so much joy to my soul when I see this photo. This photo doesn’t just represent a image, it represents a moment in time.

Thanks for reading.

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