Marinating your photographs.

I do this thing, I’m sure others do as we’ll, where when I take a photo, I leave it unedited or undeveloped for a week or two. I do this to almost forget that I took it. Or to release my attachment with the photo that I have. We can get really attached to a picture as soon as we take it because we are excited about it being a really good shot. But how many times do we edit or develop that pic right away and then post it up, only to find ourselves a week later disliking the picture for some unforeseen reason.

I try to forget I ever took the photo in the first place.

By doing this it lets me see the shot for what it is. Not for what it took to take the picture. A lot of times we are excited or attached more to the moment of taking the photo rather than the actual photo itself. Maybe it was extra exciting or we pushed our photography skills a bit harder to get the perfect angle or frame. Whatever it may be, we become very proud of our accomplishment and want to show the world. That being a good thing and all, but let it rest. Let your eyes adjust and see it like the first time. So you can say “wow” to your own photography.

Let it marinate in its own essence.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks for reading.

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